Resin “Pebbles navy colour” adjustable necklace


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All necklaces can be worn short close to your neck or long using the adjustable strap at the back the length  can go up to approx 45 cms ( 90 cms round)

As they are handmade, you may therefore see some small individual variation in shape and sometimes colour of the resin and pieces.

Resin is a strong material, however, can be fragile against hard surfaces, such as concrete, slate, steel, and wood. Please be careful not to knock or drop your piece against these surfaces. Resin can sometimes appear dry on the surface- you can restore/maintain sheen on a longer term basis by rubbing a few drops of any kind of oil or moisturizer every now and then.If your resin piece becomes dirty (i.e white resin pieces), simply wash with gentle dishwashing liquid.


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